18 Feb 2018

My Valentine's day // Dada's beauty

Hello, hello, hello.

Let me start with a saying that I am not the biggest romantic in the world but I celebrate the Valentine's day. And I did enjoy it this year.

I got two Valentine's postcards - one from my colleague and one from a friend. I loved them so much that I have to put them here, so you can also have a look. Aren't they adorable? <3
Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt dumbledore valentines
Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt pizza valentines gif
But let's move on, the reason of this post is much more important since for the first time in history,
I got a real present, I mean a proper Valentine's day present.
You cannot imagine how surprised I was when I found a package from Mary Kay without noticing they were about to send me something.
I was happy,  I am not going to lie. Even though I do not like surprises. The package contained 2 products and a T-shirt. I also got a postcard, very special one I must say.
Tell me one thing - who has got time to write to you a hand-written postcard? Isn't this breath-taking? I do appreciate it, since this is an excellent example how to make people happy and feel like they are  important for you so you are willing to spend some time to write them a few words.
And here we are. Honestly, which woman would not be excited from getting a lip scrub and a butter balm? 
To be honest with you, I had had my last balm at home and that was it, no more balms. I still cannot get how did this happen. So, for now, I have two of them ... even though I usually have like 6 of them :-)

And the scrub, that's something. I have never had a lip scrub, even though I needed it for a long time. My lips can be dry and sometimes a bit cracked, which hurts. I have found out with this lip sugar scrub how important and good is to use it for your lips. I kind of feel using it once, maybe twice per week. The scrub also contains an admixture of a shea butter, which is super good since your lips will not be dry afterwards. 

The balm also contains a jojoba butter. I do love jojoba butter, it suits my skin completely. The balm is light after putting it on lips, does not leave that kind of uncomfortable feeling, your lips soft and hydrated.

Both of the products are named WHITE TEA & CITRUS and I have to say, when I applied them, I really did feel fresh feeling on my lips, however they are not irritated. The combination of freshness, softness and calmness is just perfect.

Sugar scrub:
Lip balm:
The highlight of the package was the T-shirt. 

I was honoured when I found out that the T-shirt was made/designed by KLOKART
You can read more about the project here: http://www.klokart.cz/
And about the T-shirt here: http://www.klokart.cz/collection/damske-tricko-7/

The material of the T-shirt is very nice and soft, the "painting" is just marvellous, I simply love it. Unfortunately, the T-shirt is way too big for me. I have received the size M, but the T-shirt which would suit me for an everyday wearing would be XS. In this case, I can wear the T-shirt as a pyjama, it is that big and long :-D But I am sorry because I would worn it to work or to the town if the size was different. 

I have taken some photos for you to have a look on the T-shirt :-)
And with that, we are on the very end. 

Tell me, did you celebrate the Valentine's day this year? If yes, share your stories, I will be delightful to read them <3
Have a beautiful day! Serusky

29 Jan 2018

New year's shopping I. (try on) // Dada's fashion


So, I am back. Sitting in my room, smiling at my screen and being ill. It had to come, however I have been fighting for quite a long time so I do not take it too seriously. As long I can work from home and get important done, I am OK.

Today's post is really interesting since it is going to show you how much you can change in being a little "shopaholic".

I used to be a small maniac who loved shopping, clothes and having a wardrobe full of clothes I had never worn. I enjoyed the feeling when I paid for a dress, wear it for once (sometimes not even once) and found out that it did not suit me or I did not feel good in it or it had a different reason why I should have never bought it.
And then I have started to earn my own money. For the first few months I spent everything what I earned. To be honest, my salary has never been very poor, I could live a proper life and even be able to save something. But I did not save anything. I wanted to buy this and that, have everything what rich-looking people have and prove myself I can look rich and then also happy in that way.
Come on, I should have slapped myself. 
Four years has passed and I am not that girl with a lot of clothes. Now, I do not have to solve that common problem which many girls/women have. I know exactly what I want to wear in the morning and I never feel the powerlessness of not having anything to wear.

There were sales in shops. And I decided to buy something for myself. I became to be in a shopping mall Aréna in Trnava (western Slovakia) with Simonka (my #sisterfromanothermother). I really wanted to go everywhere, I am not gonna lie. But we were smart (haha, I know) and decided to go just to one shop and have the ability to choose something just there, nowhere else. Believe me, this tactic helps a lot. Since there is a big shop Mohito and we both really like this brand, we made a quick agreement to go in there.

The sales were not that big, the sellouts were just starting. But I said to myself if I found the things I needed and also wanted, I would just buy them.
And yes, I was lucky as I have not been in years when we take in a count clothes shopping.


This was actually the main reason of going there. To find a sweater which will be bigger than me, warmer than a tea and cozier than a blanket. There was nothing I liked in the beginning. I was almost thinking to go to another shop but then I saw this one (just the last one for me). I so enjoy wearing this huge baby blue blanket :-)

This dress was so cute that I had to try it. My first thought "It is just how I do want to look like in  a dress". The first reaction of Simonka was "Aren't they too short?"
Honestly, they are. What, believed me,  I hadn´t realised before she said so. And even then, I did not think it was that short. You see, the material is just falling down because it is heavy. It did surprise me how heavy this dress was. So I gave it a chance. And how great I did! I feel very well while wearing it, almost like I wear nothing. Yes, it is that comfortable.
Have a look at the photos. Is the dress too short? What do you say? I wear it with black tights and do not feel like anybody could have a chance to see what should stay hidden.

And one more point. I did not want to post the photos where I am wearing the dots dress below. When I looked at it, the first thing I saw was the scars on my legs. 
"What will people think?" went through my mind. And then I realised, those are my legs and whatever happened to them or will happen to them, they are still mine and I should not feel the shame. What happened to me was not my fault and especially because of that, I should be able to live with it without everyday's thinking how my body looks like. Once, I will do that automatically.

Tell me honestly - if this is not Charlie Harper style, than nothing is his style :-)
I have always wanted a shirt which would be in that kind of style, especially in dark versus light colours. I have not found anything like that yet. But I found this dress which is even more original. I have never seen any dress like this on anybody and that is exactly what I like to wear. I do like a lot of ongoing trends but when I see a lot of people wear something similar or even the same,  I cannot wear it as well. That is just not me, I feel like I am cheating my own personal style. But I do not want  to say that it is bad if somebody is doing that. Not at all, at least I can look on it :-)
This dress is longer I want to say. And again, the dress is really heavy, you would be surprised. And the feeling when I wear it, oh, so comfortable. I would like to even sleep in that.
You might be thinking "that is not much shopping" and you are right. It is not but these three pieces of clothes made me more happy and satisfied than my shopping used to make me in the past.

I will have another post about the New Year's sales since I went to have a look on some stuff I needed in Prague. So you will see a bit more of what kind of clothes has made me really happy :-)

And what about you and shopping in new year's sales? Do you buy a lot of clothes? Or anything else?

Let's meet here the next time <3 Serusky