22 Apr 2018

The very last goodbye to ŠARYK

It all happened in yesterday’s evening. The day went as usually (quite calm and good), I was already in my pyjamas when a phone started ringing. I did not look at who was calling, just picked it up. It was Mario’s mum, Bea. I thought she wanted to tell me how her staying in Austria was, she spent there four previous months. But the sentence „I do not have good news for you” changed everything. She did not have to continue, I immediately knew what had happened. I just started to repeat his name over and over, not listening to her anymore.
Šaryk died. His little soul left us because he was ready for another adventure. He had to go, and even we tried, could not keep him alive any longer. He is up there, barking with the cutest barking that any dog has ever had.

He lived for a long time. 16 years he spent with us, he would have been 17 in July. It seems to me too short, however I realise how lucky we were to have him for so long time. There wasn´t a serious problem with him, never. He was enjoying the life as much as possible. There were just few times where we saw him unhappy and that was when we were going somewhere and could not take him with us. But then we came back, he was always delighted to see us.

I do keep writing by using “we” because even Šaryk was my dog since the very beginning, he was here for everybody. He became an important part of many lives. He brought a lot of sunshine to our days, even when was rainy outside. Always there for anybody to cheer them up or cuddle a bit. Everybody whose life stories were touched by him would agree that he was that missing part of any moment, the part which made you feel instantly just perfect.

We are going to miss him a lot. The family is a bit quieter, tears are dropping to our hands and we are memorizing him, so he will never be forgotten. I especially see him as he used to enjoy lie down and started to crawl. He was adorable with a big, huge smile on his face. Yes dears, that dog knew how to smile. I will remember him playing with his favourite ball, the green one. He would walk an hour with that ball in his mouth and acting as he owns the best thing in the whole world.
From me
Šaryk, take care there. You were happy until the very last second and I shall take you as my inspiration to smile and enjoy the life much more. I will never ever forget that you were always by my side, especially when my mum died. You had a gift to heal sad human beings and I hope we gave you everything you ever wanted. Thank you for saving me. And now, I wish you a good night my loyal, old friend for life.

From Mário
Šarynko, you were the best dog I´ve ever met and you were definitely more just a dog for me. You were a real member of our family. You were one of the reasons why I was always looking forward home from work or trips, from England or just a simple shopping in a local grocery shop. An incredible being ... strong, sensitive, sensible, thankful. Forever in my mind and heart.


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