17 Sep 2017

My third Erasmus+ project in CYPRUS // Dada´s travelling

Hi guys,

I am thinking about how I should start.
I am tempted to think that I came through everything during this project. I felt and experienced happiness, joy, friendships, sadness, disappointment, arguments, laziness, enthusiasm to work hard, fear, resolution, leadership, solitude and so on. I learnt a lot about myself, I admitted mistakes of my personality in front of almost fifty people, I ran away from our group meeting because I couldn't carry on, I found a friend who held me up when I couldn't go further, I tried to be there for anybody who needed my help, I laughed for hours, I risked my life in the sea,  I slept about three hours per day, I felt hungry almost all the time, I used shower for million times, I had ants in my suitcase, in my clothes, in my bed and I didn't care. Yeah, the project was a madness.

The project took place in Ayia Napa, a favourite holiday destination of Cyprus. Full of bars and clubs, shops and restaurants, beaches and clean sea, breath-taking viewpoints and options to experience an adventure of your dreams. I know that everybody wants to read about the beach and the sea, so I will start with them. Yes, they are beautiful. It's worth visiting Ayia Napa if you are young or you are a person who loves fun and crazy night life. If you are old, don't go there, usually people don't go to sleep in Ayia Napa. 

But, that wasn't the reason why we were there. We didn't go there for a holiday. Four countries, FRANCE, SLOVAKIA, GREECE and CYPRUS were supposed to learn much more about our beautiful Europe and its benefits, its peoples, its meaning, its projects, its way of living a good and fulfilled life.
That was the title of our project. What do you think about it while reading it? What does it tell you?
I see the European Union, peaceful, strong and connected. I see all of us, respecting each other and having good relationships. I see travelling and open borders all over Europe. I see mixed people in every country. I see countries helping and supporting themselves. I see successful future for us and our children. I see a safe environment throughout whole Europe.  I see a good economic status. I see the European Union in the way how is supposed to be <3
This project showed me a negative part of my personality. I had thought I could lead anybody before this project started. I took everything easy because I had a wrong meaning about myself. What was the meaning? Honestly? That I am good, better, maybe even the best. I felt I could beat the world. I thought my opinions, ideas, expressions, problem solving and learning methods or the way I used to lead people were correct and nothing could have been better. I should have slapped myself. In the end, people showed me that I wasn't the better one. I was a regular human being. 
Please, do not take me wrong. I have never considered that I am better than anybody walking on this planet. I believed I had been better than the person I expected I have been in reality. I wanted to prove all of this just to myself, not to you. Not to anybody. Just to myself. 
We had a group meeting where I wanted Slovakians to tell me their opinions about my behaviour. It wasn't easy to come through this, but I had to. I know that they didn't say everything in a open way, they were too nice to me. But I saw it in their face expressions. And I was right because after few days some of them were finally honest to me and said to me how they felt. And I say thank you for that, I do appreciate it a lot.
And how did it end? I fell down on my face. It hurt and I felt ashamed. It was really awkward. I do not want to be in this situation ever again. 
There was just one thing I could do. I did apologise. To everybody. I said how sorry I was to our Slovakian group and I wanted my group leaders to pass this information to everybody. 
After that I had to leave our meeting, I couldn't choke with that anymore. I felt so weak. I chose to spend some time just with myself and think about everything. To be alone. But... Of course they came. Two of them. The right ones for that situation. Do you want to know what they said to me? Nothing. They knew I had to overcome this alone and they were supposed be quiet for a long time... but they stayed. 
I decided that I would have stayed quiet and not to pay attention on me for few days, to let somebody else to be on a view, somebody who would "replace me" in a better way. The next morning I was put in a shock. Around five people came to me and without saying anything they hugged me. The same morning three people asked me about my opinion. I immediately felt a huge support and was confirmed again how people can be nice and how they can help somebody with doing almost nothing. 
To sum it all up, this was the most important part of the project for me. And it all has resulted in this - I am aware how much I have to work on myself, on my future and how important is to study professional  behaviour and public acting of mine. Because, if you don't know yourself in a perfect way, you don't understand yourself or you have no idea what you want to be or to do, you cannot go further. You must explore yourself to overcome all the fears you have inside of you, you must challenge your own personality to see how long way you are able to walk. Or maybe even run. Yes, you might fall down and you probably will as I did. But look what happened to me. It turned out to be the best thing it could have happened to me. Take every risk the live is offering to you.

And from a different topic. You are going to read about two strong adventures I experienced in Cyprus.

  • Firstly, let us take a look at a "dangerous incident" which happened.

One night after the workshops had ended we decided to grab some ciders and beers and go to the beach. It was beautiful night, I think it was full moon. We knew that during the day the sea was full of huge waves and the red flag was in the air for the whole day. But we hoped it could be better by the night or we would enjoy our drinks on the beach. We sat exactly next to the flag and chilled for a while. Guess what happened. Some of us decided to go to the sea. To make it clear again, those waves were huge. I had never seen so big waves in my life. I mean in reality. I said I wouldn't have gone, it seemed to me too dangerous. Well, it took me ten seconds to change my opinion. If not now then when should I be crazy? You are thinking, she could have died. Yeah, I could have. But I did't and I have to say one thing - it was the best adventure I have ever experienced in my life. I have never felt that free, I didn't care and think about anything but fun. It was amazing to be that stupid for a while.

  • And secondly, I would like you to think a little bit while reading the following passage and its meaning.

In the middle of the going project we went to the Capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.
Let me ask you at the beginning, how much do you know about Cyprus and its political situation? Not a lot I suppose. To be honest I didn't know that much before I came there although it was a mistake not knowing about the situation there. A part of northern Cyprus (32,6%) has been occupied by Turkey for over 50 years. In 1983 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus declared independence, although Turkey is the only country that recognises it. The whole international community sees this territory as illegal against the international law. 
Long story short, I saw the border and I walked next to border. The border goes through the middle of Nicosia and splits the Capital in the city's heart. I was shocked, I am not going to lie. We could visited Shacolas Tower to reach a beautiful view on the whole Capital. We had the opportunity to see the occupied part of Nicosia and Cyprus. The mess which was happening in me was breaking my heart. This is not how it should be, this is not how cooperation or peace should look like. Imagine your Capital or even your town separated with walls. Not able to see your friends or feel free to go on the other side. I am not saying you cannot pass the border in Nicosia, of course you can on your own responsibility. But you are leaving the EU with that step. 
What wisdom did I take from this experience? A hope. I do believe that everything can achieve a good ending and even a situation like this one can have its own happy end. There is a lot of work to do before a miracle like that could happen. Years of work. But even though isn't worth trying it? To work on it, to cooperate, to communicate? That's the way how to destroy war. By making a peace everywhere. But remember one thing - bombing for peace is like f**king for virginity. 
And the last passage of the article but the most important. People of the project. That's a chapter. A big chapter. 
I am not going to say all the names here, just a few of them. But I want all of you know one thing. Anything you need, anything you want, anytime you want to see me, anytime you need a hug,... I will be here for you or I will even come. I do promise. 

Slovakians! Oh my gosh, that was a ride. DOBRO DOŠLI! Thank you so much for the crazy fun we had and that we worked as a perfect team during the whole project. I have been so proud of us, maybe too proud <3 

Panagiota and Nikoletta. I will write just this... See you sooner than you think my super best friends <3
Kyriacos... I think both of us have really similar view on this project. And we came through similar things in this project. So taking everything into consideration - let's have our future projects much better and even we screwed some small stuff, we know how hard work we put in ourselves to make other people happy. You into your project, me into following my dreams. Till the next time ... I<3U.

Eric, should I say your real name you bloody MOTHERFLOWER? Just kidding, I am not able to do that.
Thank you. For everything. For being my friend, an electronic music lover, my guardian angel, for the way how you see people and the whole world, for your wisdom you shared with me, for our talks and for the opportunity you have given me. I cannot wait for the next month <3

And people of the project, I have got the last question - WHERE IS THAT BLOODY BEACH? 

See you soon back here on my blog. Serusky <3

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