27 Aug 2017

August in Prague // Dada's travelling

Hi loves.

A few days ago I visited a really unique city. In the very heart of the Czech republic (or Czechia latest), lies the capital of this country, PRAGUE.

Prague is a wonderful, historical, breath-taking, multicultural, beautiful, colourful capital. It is big but not huge, full of life, sunny even when is cloudy, with a lot of trees and parks. The city warmed my heart.
I honestly think I have fallen in love with Prague. "She" was always one of my most favourite cities but after a week I spent there I am changing my opinion. My list of TOP cities has been changed. I might consider to put Prague on the first place. I visited Prague as a tourist but I didn't feel as a tourist. I felt like I was where I belong. It might become the truth, you never know.
Why I was there actually? Let's start as usual from the very beginning.

I came to Prague to see some friends of mine. Unfortunately I couldn't see all of them because not everybody was in Prague during my trip there but we shall see each other the next time I am there. 

The first day I firstly stopped in Brno, another beautiful city of Czechia. Brno is the second biggest city in the country and it has a huge historical value. You can find there a lot of interesting places and things to do. I kind of know Brno by now, so I went there mainly to see my two beautiful girls, Anna & Lenka. We met during the youth exchange in Poland for the first time and yes, I had to see them again as soon as possible after the exchange finished. It speaks for everything, I think so. I met Lenka at the small train station near to the city centre, since the main train station has been repaired for the last few weeks.
We came to the city centre to meet Anna and I think she was really happy to see us after spending her morning with dealing some boring stuff in the insurance company. I had wanted to ask if we could go for lunch straight away but Anna was quicker and asked that before I could even take a deep breath :-D Lenka had to go to the library, so we agreed to see her later. 
Anna took me to the Indian restaurant and our meals were lovely. Wish I would have remembered the name of the meal I had. Even the meal was so tasty, couldn't even finish it, the portion was at least for two people. During having our lunch we talked. A lot. Every-time I speak to Anna and I hear her opinions, answers on my questions and the way she sees the world I love her more. 
After lunch we met Lenka again and we decided to go to the hill Petrov where is located the cathedral of saint Peter and Paul. We made some funny videos for our friends, talked and talked and afterwards  I had to catch the train to my final destination - Prague. This time Anna went with me to the train station and I am so thankful to her. Why? Because she doesn't enjoy train stations, however she went there because of me! What else would I need from a friend? <3
My journey to Prague was calm and quite quick, I was mainly making plans for the next few weeks. But after I had seen first buildings of Prague, my heart started beating quicker. I almost forgot how beautiful "she" has always been. And yeah, I call Prague (Praha) in a feminine gender for the reason that she deserves it.
I don´t know if you have ever seen the main train station in Prague. If yes, I don´t have to explain to you why I just stopped and enjoyed the atmosphere of it for a few seconds. If you have't seen it... well you should, unluckily I cannot explain it by words.
I was supposed to meet Tomáš there, a friend of mine. I was a bit afraid he would be late (you know, he is a man) but because my train had a 15 minutes delay, I felt relaxed. It turned out he was late but came on time because of the train delay. I cannot really count on him when it comes on the time management :-D
We went to the apartment which he shares with his friends, two guys from Slovakia (yes, we are everywhere) and one guy from Czechia. Oh I´ve almost forgotten, Tomáš is Czech as well. My first thought was how nice the apartment looked like - big windows, a lot of space, nice home-made furniture. My impression was really good since the first minute. 
There was just one problem with my arriving. I saw their clothes in their wardrobes. It wasn't sorted out by the colours and type of clothes! You are probably laughing right now but I cannot stay calm for a long time when I see something like that. Yeah, I had to remade it later for my own peace in my heart :-D But apart from that everything was perfect.
Guys are really nice and funny, I found them very friendly and communicative. I perhaps shouldn't say this, however I felt like at "home" there. They might offer me a bed and a big wardrobe there so I can cook and tidy up for them, talk and laugh all the time with them and live in a nice place in the future ;-)
For the first two days I spent my time with exercising, baking a brownie and working on my article and preparing two applications for another youth exchanges. I was successful with one of that exchanges and they chose me to be a part of it. And guess what. The exchange will take a place in Prague :-D 
On Friday (the third day of the trip) I finished almost all the work I had to do. After two or maybe even three hours talking with Edo (one of Slovakian guys <3) I had met Dominik and I went to the apartment which he shares with his friends. I was supposed to stay there for two nights. Actually, do you want to try to figure out where I met Dominik? Yes, in Poland and throughout our youth exchange :-D I am getting awkward with it, I am sorry.
I spent two days mostly with Dominik. We decided to go for supper in a restaurant and enjoy delicious pizza the first evening together.
The second day we walked around Prague (I finally saw Prague from Žižkov Tower), I cooked Italian creamy risotto for us, we were talking all the time about interesting topics and at the end of the second day we watched Hobbit III. Dominik is a huge fan of Lord of the Rings trilogy and also Hobbit trilogy. He knows bloody everything about it. I like it as well, so I was asking all the time about stuff I was interested about. We also made a "competition" during watching Hobbit III. If somebody said "dwarf" or "elf" one of us had to take a shot of Tequila. I had 14 shots and we were just in the 56th minute of the 2 hours and 44 minutes long film! So, I gave up, completely. I lost :-D
Sunday was nice I must say. In the morning I went for a coffee with Edo and I am really thankful for the talk we had, it helped me a lot. Afterwards I went to buy a birthday present for Tomáš. I bought him a book. Would you be expecting that from me? :-D
In the middle of the day I met Dominik in the city centre near to Municipal House (a beautiful building, you should check it out) and we went for lunch. I had the tastiest pasta with pesto made of dried cherries served with a baked salmon. Gosh, that was truly good-tasting. 
Afternoon was chilly and nice, we bought some ciders and just enjoyed the Sunday. 
In the evening I went back to Tomáš´s apartment and went for a dinner with Edo. We decided for a sushi. It was so funny, because Edo does't like wasabi and I like wasabi a lot. Well they gave us a lot of wasabi, too much wasabi. The point of the story is that I tried to eat the amount prepared for two people because I didn't want to leave it there. Honestly, I was laughing through the tears which were crawling down throught my face because that wasabi was bloody strong. I had never ever ate so much wasabi and my nose doesn't work as it worked before the experience.
After the supper we went for a beer which made a perfect sense to my body full of spicy wasabi. We got home before midnight and I still wasn't that tired to persuade myself to go sleep therefore I watched a document about the Cold war.
Tomáš came back to Prague on Monday and I was preparing myself for a beautiful day which was ahead of me. That was the main reason why I came to Prague. My marvelous friend Bowie who I met and got to know in England was coming to Prague! She and a friend of her, Shirley were travelling around Europe and we agreed to meet in Prague. 
We had a WONDERFUL day together. I tried to be their guide, hopefully girls were satisfied with my "professional services". I must say I was proud of myself how I handled public transport in Prague. Thank you Apple maps, you are the best. 
Back at home me and Tomáš cooked Indian meal Kadai Paneen. He was so adorable when he tried to help me and to be useful. I thing he would agree that the Kadai was tasty and we enjoyed it while watching one funny reality show
Tuesday's morning we went out for shopping, Tomáš was getting himself ready for the LARP and he needed some new clothes for role he played. We found some trousers and back in the apartment he improvised and came up with a really good costume. Surely he was the best one looking!
I spend midday with Bowie and Shirley again. Have you ever tried pizza with cream basic, cheese Gondola and pear? Well, you should, the combination was bloody tasteful. After my meeting with girls I went back home and as a goodbye meal I baked a cheesecake with white chocolate and fruit for Tomáš. I ate some of it as well, so it was kind of for me too :-D
Wednesday was the last day in Prague. Me and Tomáš had a meeting with Anna (yes, that one from Brno). I was so so happy that I could spend the last few hours with two of them <3 We went for a lunch to a Vietnamese restaurant and I had nice tofu with vegetable. We walked around Prague´s city centre a little bit, came to the Tomáš's apartment for the last time to take my suitcase, quickly eat some of the cheesecake and we went to Florenc to catch my and Anna's coach. 
Was a bit difficult to say goodbye to Tomáš, we had such a fun together <3
I loved the last three hours I spend with Anna in the coach. Our talks have given me a lot and she knows it. 
So, that was my week in Prague. Thanks to each of who spent time with me there, your presence made my trip unforgettable for me. 
I will come back to Prague soon, cannot wait to she HER again. 

"Prague isn't just a city, but an entity of some kind." - Sezin Koehler

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