17 Oct 2017

A few memories of England and the summer 2017 // Dada's diary

Wishing a beautiful day to you.

How are you guys? I have not spoken with you like this for a long time. And that is the reason why I am writing this article. I needed to write something easy so I could just show you a few regular moments which I remember and they have become unique for me. Time has passed and I see them in a different light, I appreciate those little moments, especially from England. 
England. While I was going through photos in my computer, I got lost for an hour or maybe even two in a file called "Journey to England". I got a feeling that I wanted to show you a few more memories of this adventure.
I have articles about England, the most special are those one:

But I should stop talking here. Let's have a look what kind of memories I have.
What I miss the most about England is the town Bournemouth. I loved the place, full of green trees, full of people from all over the world, the unique atmosphere, the sea, the beach. The B'mouth beach is wonderful, it has got about 12 kilometres and we passed it all on bicycles a couple of days before we left UK. 
The desk I had in UK. I remember how disturbing were the stuff lying on the table for me. Unfortunately I did not have any other place where to put them so they had to stay there. I tried to be really organised with the desk and when I look at it now, I am quite proud on myself. It did not look that bad. But still, I was never 100% concentrated because the "mess" was disturbing me :D
Once we bought the Jelly Beans especially on my cries, I wanted to finally try them. This package had 50 flavours inside of it. I must be honest, I was not able to eat all the flavours, even I tried. I still have the disgusting taste of broken eggs on my tongue. Or when Mario swallowed the one flavoured as a vomit... I swear to God, that was the worst vomit I have ever smelled from human being's mouth :-D
On the other hand, there were also lovely ones there. For example tutti-fruti, popcorn, coconut, cinnamon and others.
Btw. The scratches you can see on my arm were from work. I did not try to hurt myself. But an accident like that one could happened just to me. I was carrying a huge box which was too heavy for me (and I knew it was too heavy) but I wanted to be strong. Y
ou can see the result of that.
The last "meeting" with friends for a drink at the B'mouth pier.
The last milkshake (raffaello and peanut butter, the best one I have ever had), the last Starbucks coffee with Mario and the last cider (the cider's brand is Kopparberg and believe, there is no better cider) in UK.
And the last date with Mario in UK. And we have not been anywhere since that one so the very last date was that one. It is weird how I come to different conclusions thanks to photos and memories...
The last walk to my work. I will forever remember that feeling ...
Me, chilling in the coach, watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, drinking a coffee you cannot see, having the very last looks on crowded and sunny London and preparing myself for home.
Prague, Czech Republic, the main train station. After the long way from London to Prague we stopped in the first coffee shop and while waiting for the train which took us to Bratislava (the capital city of Slovakia), we were just quite and realising what was about to happen. 
A barbecue at the first exchange of mine. 
Can I be personal, guys? If you want to make me really happy, play with my hair. I love it so much <3
Frozen fruit mixed together, peanut butter, peanuts, coconut and a few crisps :-D Yes, I love sweet and salty food together.
Such a tasty lunch with friends in the heart of Prague <3
It warmed my heart when I saw this wishing from Google. How cute was that :-)
The nature around the village Madunice where I live at the moment. I am going to miss this place ...
And summery Trnava, really nice town which you should visit :-)
Memories <3
Those raspberries were amazing for their taste. I realĺy enjoyed different kinds of fruits and vegetables from my grandparents gardens this summer. The taste is never the same as from the shop.
The song of the Summer 2017 for me.
I miss these Summer mornings with a piece of newspaper and coffee. I just sat at the balcony and chilled.

Hopefully you enjoyed this short article. What about you and memories? Do you feel strong feelings when you suddenly remember a special memory of yours? Do you like step aside and just leave the memory goes through you? Let me know if I am not the only one who do this.


  1. krásne fotky, vidieť že si si to užila :)

    1. Užila, toto leto bolo super <3 Dúfam, že i ty si mala krásny čas :-)

  2. Ahoj. Pekný účes :) ale pri tvojich vlasoch. Tss. (Juliána. K.)

    1. Zlatko, príď a rob mi takto účesy i každý deň <3


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