21 Jan 2018

How I spent Christmas 2017 // Dada's diary


What a lovely day is today for writing about my memories connected with the last Christmas of mine. 

I know. It took me ages and probably nobody is going to be interested in this topic, but I would really like to have this post here since the last Christmas was very special for me.

Christmas of the year 2016 I spent working until 8 pm and I was ill and I will probably never forget how alone and upset I felt that time. So having the opportunity to spend a few amazing days with my beloved ones was the biggest present of all...well, I got one special present more :-)
When I was a little girl, I used to watch fairy-tales like you can see in the picture above. What my parents disliked was this way of watching. "Too close to the television, you will have bad eyes when you are older" they used to say to me. And I did not believe them. To be honest, I do not have any serious issues with my eyes but for sure I know by now that I am going to be totally same as my parents were to me in this matter <3
The Christmas tree was built at the very beginning of December by me and Mario. I remember that we used to built our Christmas tree around December 20 when I was a child. However, I do have my own opinion that Christmas is starting on December 1 and since I want to enjoy the atmosphere of this holiday as long as possible, I have made a new tradition of building the Christmas tree very soon. Do you also do that?
On December 6, we celebrate the day of Saint Nicholas. This tradition keeps itself in a believing that in the evening of December 5 you must clean your winter boots/shoes before going to sleep and put them in front of the window (from inside of course). And if you have been a good boy or girl that year, St. Nicholas (Svätý Mikuláš) will come during the night and give you a reward for your good behaviour
And because my dad is the best one, he still saves me the present from St. Nicholas. This year I got my favourite chocolate Milka in a beautiful package. Pure love - I call these little things we can do for our beloved ones.
Christmas evening is the most important evening the year, I can say. 
Our main part of Christmas happens on December 24, around 5 o'clock PM. We do have a Christmas dinner which consists of a starter you can see in the photo above. We call it "oplátka" and it is something like a wafer. It is very fragile and you ought not to break it during the preparation. And how do we prepare it? Well, you put honey and a garlic on the top of it and that you eat it. It must sound weird, honey and garlic but believe me, it is delicious. 
As a main meal we have "Vianočná kapustnica" (Christmas cabbage soup) and fish with traditional potato salad which is one of the best dishes I have ever tried. Believe or not, I so do enjoy our traditional dishes because the taste of it is just irreplaceable with any other dish. 
And this was the very special present I got. Let me finally introduce you BONIFÁC, the little jumping happiness of mine. Since I do live alone in Prague, I was upset sometimes. Without family, friends, Mario and everybody I know well. I am starting to make new friendships here but since I spend a lot of time at work, we do not meet so often. The last weekend we went to SAPA which was great but in general I would go home to the dark room and had nobody to hug or have next to myself when I was falling asleep. 
Now, I am not alone anymore. Everyday I hurry home from work because I know that he is there, waiting for me to cuddle. I will have a post about him later, so let's wait for more details.
The rest of the Christmas holiday was so cosy, just magical. Watching fairy-tales or documents with my dad, eating and eating (I gained two kilograms which I lost in the first week after coming back to Prague and did not eat that much :-D), watching falling snow, enjoying the winter wonderland, visiting our family, talking and talking for hours and just resting every moment possible. It could not have been more perfect.
Oh, the dish you can see in the photo above is "lokša" in a grammatically correct language but we call it "lokeš" in my family. It is a potato dough just with a bit of salt and water baked on a very special pan. After baking it for maximum of 5 minutes, you put animal fat on it and salt it a bit. Just YAMMY.
The New Year's evening  I spent home, no parties, no friends. When I had a call with my dad a few days before the Christmas I told him I did not have any special plans. And he just started saying that was great, we could spend that time together and it would be marvellous and so on. He was completely happy when he was saying that. The hope which went through him that I would spend the New Year with him after 8 years was just too much for me. I agreed in a second and it was the best thing I did in the year 2017. 
Family is everything for me and I am ready to give to my dad everything he gave me throughout the years of raising me. 
And here we came to January 3 which is an important day for me for two reasons. 
The first reason is - I celebrate my name on this day. In Slovakia, every day of the whole year is given to different names and mine is actually the second in the calendar.
The second reason is - on this day my blog celebrated two years of existence. Two years have passed since I sat on the floor in a living room and started writing about everything. So, let's carry on <3

How was your Christmas guys? Did you enjoy it? How did you celebrate? What kinds of traditions do you follow? And what about the New Year´s Eve? How was it? Let me please know in the comment section bellow or let's star a discussion on my Facebook page or write me a private message. I want to be in touch with you <3 Serusky.

PS: Oh well, I realise how late it is but still - I wish you all the best, let's the year 2018 be the most magical one for all of you out there! 

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