29 Dec 2017

Daily pictures VII. // Dada's diary

I keep thinking how it is possible that we have another December and very soon, the end of another year. When did it happen? I think I did not have enough time to do everything I had wanted to achieve. But then, I remember how much time I spent procrastinating, scrolling my social sites, sleeping or just being lazy. And I can be very, very lazy. Especially in a cold weather when the darkness is coming so early. Lately I am ready to go to sleep at 7 pm. I do not go, do not worry, it is not that bad with me.
Actually, let's put my cards on the table. There is just one reason why I do not go to sleep that early. The new episodes of the second season of The Crown were launched not a long time ago. And I love The Crown, it is just marvellous.

Today I have a random post and I am going to share some photos with small stories within. I was told by one of the biggest quotes´ narrators (for me) that:
Life is made of small moments like this. by Above & Beyond
Šarynko is getting older I must say. He almost does not hear, he becomes tired more often and he has started be really scared when he finds out he is alone in a room, not even in a house. So, he needs to be with at least two people all the time otherwise he is in a small depression. I know this is quite normal and be honest, he is 15 years old. But he used to be my little baby, my best friend, my hero. And now, I have to see him while his time is slowly ticking to the very end. However I strongly hope, he can make it for a few more years. God wish him good health, he deserves it the most.
I try to get home from Prague every 3-4 weeks. This was my travel from Prague at the end of the previous month and I saw the snow, met almost my whole family and spend happy days with them. I missed snow the last year. The last year's Christmas I spent in UK, Mario was working, I was working. I remember when I had got out of the work, I started crying. I did not go directly home, instead of that I went to Mario's working place with huge tears falling down on my face. It is such an injustice that sometimes you cannot get home to be with your family especially during Christmas because you have to work. At least I helped about 35 people with my working during that Christmas time.
Because we are as we are. Weird and wild, I would say. Also serious and responsible. You might think - this does not go together.
I say it does go together. I would probably hate myself if I was just one side person. Nothing surprising, still the same behaviour, I would feel empty. I am so thankful I have more sides of me. Happy and having fun Dada, serious and adult Dada, sad and sometimes screaming Dada, crying and thankful Dada, ambitious and self-loving Dada, tired or full of energy Dada,... and I could continue. 
I miss this little dog every day. It kills me that I cannot spend my time with him but on the other side I know how he needs to stay in Slovakia, that he cannot go with me. But it will not change my feelings. I feel horrible sometimes. Like I left him, just spread my wings and flew away from him. And yeah, it is true. The truth is - I had to leave, I had to come to Prague and give up my doggy again. He could not be here, I could not be there. I have to work on my presence and my future. This is what makes me happy. And he is where he is happy and I try to be there for him as much as I can. 
Oh, this photo makes me so proud of myself. Finally I convinced myself to try to cook vegetarian Spring rolls. OK, let's admit, they do not look really tasty but believe me, they were. Lovely meal I made . If you want to cook those lovelies, I might give you an useful advice. It will take some time. I prepared about 26-28 spring rolls and it took me almost 4 hours. But it was worth it. Did I mention they were lovely? :-)
I wish I would have been able to take a better photo of myself, holding just on my arms. It might not be something special for you. For me, this was an overcoming another level in my working out routine. I was really happy, called to Mario as soon as he signed on Skype :-D
Oh, this was a lovely meal as well. During, I guess Mexican week in Lidl, I bought Tortillas and prepared them with spinach and cauliflower curry flavoured creamy filling. I must say - those were the best tortillas I have ever tried. I have another packing in my storage in the kitchen, looking forward for what I will cook the next time.
Three weeks ago we visited Parndorf, Mario had needed a winter coat. We decided to go there during Black Friday expecting some sales. There were sales, that was not a problem. Problem was that we did not find anything for him. Nothing at all. Once it did not suit him, then the coat was not really warm (he would have freeze up in it if he had bought it). And then we found something but that was not in a cheaper price and believe me, neither Mario nor I would pay more than 200 euros for a coat. Especially when we know that the price will go down in more than half in few weeks. 
I felt really awkward and just because of that I did not take more photos of the bank I had chosen to use while staying in Prague. The building is spectacular and you feel the history there. The building was built to serve as a bank and new owner left original partitions. I could not stop looking around and I got the impression that I was in a museum.  
Tell me, how on earth I could not put a photo with Death Hallow on it on my blog? Exactly, it must be here. Also my socks might seem a bit... too much? Yeah, that is possible. However I feel much more warm when I wear my socks onto my trousers. So sorry people, just do not look at me if it disturbs you :-D
Because sometimes I want to make people around me really happy. And what is the best way how to do it? Make a cake! Well, Cinnamon rolls in my case :-D Those were for me (because I want to make myself happy as well) and for my colleagues. Life is just perfect when you have the right food in front of you.

And that would be all for today's post. See you here soon <3 Serusky


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