8 Nov 2017

And then, I moved to Prague // Dada's diary

The 6th of November 2017 was not just a regular day. If you worked, had a rest at home, had a walk with your friends, had a date with your lover or you simply just passed that day - in that case the day was a regular one for you. But, I did something different.

I moved to Prague. To Prague, the capital of Czech republic. How did it come? When did I decide for it? What is the purpose of doing this?
The change. I needed to change my life. Yes, I have changed my life for a few times. Yes, I went through a lot of different situations and maybe you even think I should finally stay somewhere. But I cannot. The adventure, the travelling, the feeling of trying new things and discover new places is too strong. My whole body, mind and heart love the feeling of living. The real feeling of living, not just surviving.

I came here alone. Yes, Mario is not here. Believe me, this reality breaks my heart every time I think of him. I had to let him go and he had to let me go. His journey goes to the right and mine goes to the left. After hours and hours of talking, arguing and thinking, we made a decision which takes us higher. We have to grow. Both of us. I have to be more independent, that is the aim I want to reach while I am staying here. I want to work on my career, life. I would love to become a bit more myself.

This is the truth for me. This quote says it perfectly. I have to walk this way alone. I have to over-come my fears. I hopefully will become a better, stronger and more experienced version of my present myself.

Why Prague?
I love it. I fell in love with Prague a long time ago. I have enjoyed every visit I made there. I have adored building and the architecture of the city. I have wanted to come here. That´s it.

What will I do here?
I will live. I will work. I will discover. I will meet friends. I will make friends. I will be happy. I will... actually I will not. I have already been doing this. Today is the first day of a huge chapter in my life, today is the first day of my staying in Prague.

Prague 10 or VRŠOVICE.
That is my new address. That is the place which  I chose to live in. I live in a beautiful typical Prague apartment house.
I live with my friend Tomáš. He has his room, I have mine and we share a bathroom and a kitchen.
But let me tell you something about the apartment...
The door to our apartment is huge and beautiful. It is so massive and I feel so safe because of that huge, strong door.
The kitchen is small but cozy, it has everything I need and I feel really good there, it just too cute of not to feel wonderful there.
My bedroom. First of all, the room is enormous. Even with all of my stuff is still spacious, full of light from a big window and warm for me. Do not worry, you will see it here in the next post. :-)
Honestly, that was not everything. Some stuff I did not put in the photo :-D
The first night in my new room with something classical - Anna Karenina <3 
The door <3

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