30 Nov 2017

Quotes of NOVEMBER 2017 // Dada's diary

Hey there. 
Here I am with another bunch of quotes. Writing these articles is my new form of therapy. This is exactly what I need, just to sit, go through all the wisdom on my Pinterest account and be able to write a bit more about it. Everybody understand quotes differently and I am so glad I have the opportunity to explain my thoughts. So, what do we have here this month?

  • If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour. - Victoria Erickson
It is 9 o'clock in the evening, I am drinking my tea, listening to "evening acoustic" playlist on my Spotify, feeling cosy under a huge soft blanket and wrapped in my bathrobe (yeah, already in my pyjamas) and thinking about the last leaves falling down from the tree the near park. Isn't this scene beautiful, magical? The word COSY represent autumn to me. A lot of people say that Autumn is their favourite season of the year and I understand why. If I did not love summer that much, I would have Autumn as the best season as well. And even I am not going to change which month of the year is my favourite, I have to admit one - Autumn is the most magical. A lot of important moments in my life happened during Autumn, so that must mean something. So let's enjoy the flavoured or non-flavoured coffee, last fresh apples, big hoodies and sweaters, cold mornings, early nights, warm blankets, and then Christmas will come... the most wonderful time of the year. I cannot wait.

What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do.

I am afraid, I am scared. As any human being you point your inner finger on. It is normal to be scared of doing the things we are not sure about. We call it a risk. And often, too often we will never do it just because the feeling which takes our breaths and makes us to be stressed. I have had this feeling for hundreds times. And to be honest with you - I listened the inner scared voice of myself during too many situations. On the other hand, more and more often, I refuse to listen to it. What do you think happens after I do as I really feel? Do you think I could lose everything? I could lose myself, people around me, money, reputation or anything you can even think of. Well, let me get this straight - I won, I had never lost when I believed in myself. I got much more than I had expected to get so before opening the door. I learnt so many things I would not have learnt without risking it. I might have lost something but believe me, it could not be that important if I was able to let it go. And I will tell you - I am about to risk again. This is going to be a huge risk and I am so scared that my hands are shaking while I am writing this which is approving me I have to do it.

A real woman, has curves, is skinny, has muscles, is whatever she wants to be.
The truth has been spoken. Do you look different than for example... me or the girl from the next door? Or does the model in a magazine look way too perfect and gorgeous and that makes you unhappy with your own body? Simply stop with that. Now. You are different, because your mum was different than mine, because your body needs different care, because you live different life, because you are unique. You might be shaking your head in a disagreement. But you should not shake you head and disagree with me in this. You are unique, I can repeat it for you at any possible moment. Nothing matters but you. You ought to finally admit what you do for your body and also with your body and how you feel in your body is just about you and you cannot share it with anybody. So the point I am talking about is to finally star feel as a woman, as a unique human being who can do anything. Who can be whatever she wants. 

  • I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and a little drunk. - Atticus
This sounds so good, doesn't it? I would wish this kind of death for me. I have no idea where I will go however I could predict that I will probably end up downstairs (it might be a bit hot there) with friends of mine. OK, let's be serious. I try to do "good" every day because I want to be a good person. But what I understand under a good person, does not have to have the same meaning for somebody else. And as I do good, I also do bad. For example - I swear sometimes (which is horrible and I am working on it), I lie often (nobody actually believes me because I am horrible in lying), I eat sweets and I feel horrible after that (and there is no reason to be mad at myself, I do not eat sweets on everyday base). I can be lazy and procrastinate for the half of the day. I drink. Not a lot but once/twice per week I have a beer, two glasses of a wine or whatever. I do not get drunk, I exactly know when I should stop. I am addicted to coffee. I care about my financial status, about my social status and about my mental status. But not in a way which heaven would accept. So, Do I cheat? I think that I mainly I cheat myself. My personal opinion is that no matter where we will go (after we die), we will end it up as we always wanted and we will be OK with continuing forward. I just want to be proud of my life in the end.

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